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Gig tonight! (Friday 15th of May)

To try and entice more people down the Volks Club tonight I thought I’d post a preview of what you might expect to see… Come down the Volks tonight, here’s the event listed on

From zombie dubstep, to zombie MSN clients…

A little while ago I wrote about an MSN virus/worm/nasty thing which posted me a link to [my MSN username], well it’s still happening! Only this time it’s posting links to various different domains, but it’s the same sort of thing. Don’t enter your MSN login on these sites! Some of the one’s I’ve come […]


If someone posts you a link to [yourusername] don’t follow it. It looks like this: The domain was only registered today (24th of July) and it asks for your MSN login. It lures you in with the promise of a photo from whoever send you the message, it’s a scam! If you put your details […]