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Two new EPs for 2013

It’s been a while since we posted any new tunes, so for the start of 2013 we’re releasing two 5-track EPs for free. You can grab them on our new tunes page. We’ll be releasing some more new material in the coming months, so keep an eye out!

Live at Bang Face Weekender 2011 – download

Live at Bang Face Weekender 2011 by The 55th Flotilla

Bangface Mix 2011

If you haven’t noticed, we’re playing Bangface Weekender this year! That means we’re actually allowed to¬† put our own tunes in the traditional Bangface Mix. Download the 2011 bangface mix here! or on SoundCloud: Bangface Mix 2011 by The 55th Flotilla Track listing: BEZ – Make some moves man OTTO VON SCHIRACH – Zombies Bonus […]

Digital Analogue Mix

We’ve just posted a new mixset on SoundCloud as a taster of what we might play at Digital Analog, at the Volks on the 4th of November (details on Facebook). Here’s the mix – Digital Analogue Mix by The 55th Flotilla

Gonna eat your brains

A little while back I was watching Planet Terror, an awesome zombie movie by one of my favorite directors – Robert Rodriguez. Near the beginning I noticed a sample which I just had to use for the next Zombierama gig. I started out writing a pretty cheesy techno tune, which just didn’t work. Then it […]

Goulie Thousand Trousers

See if you can spot which 80’s kid’s favorite I’ve been sampling recently… Goulie Thousand Trousers

The one with the cheesey synth in the middle.

Just finished another tune, this one’s a bit dubsteppy: The one with the cheesey synth in the middle.

New Tune!

The four solemn race car driving monks of the apocalypse(racing transmission remix)

Bangface Mix

I’ve finally managed to finish my bangface mix! Every single artiste (currently) on the lineup for the Bangface Weekender at Camber Sands has been crammed into 49 minutes of electronic lovelyness. Download the 55th Flotilla Bangface Mix, which consists of the following: 00:00 Dopplereffekt – Holomorpic n0 form 00:50 Kelpe – Sylvania 01:20 Bong-Ra – […]

New Samples…….New Tune…..

A Brief one for now………Cor Blimey