Bangface Mix 2010

Finally finished this year’s Bangface mix! If you’re not familiar with our previous mixes, we try to put together a mix set featuring every single act on the lineup of the Bangface Festival.

Download the 2010 Bangface Mix at Soundcloud

Here’s the track listing:

00:00 Loops Haunt – Hurache
01:30 Kelpe – Sickly Situation
03:00 Matthew Herbert – White Bread, Brown Bread
04:20 Otto von Schirach – Gelatin Fixation
05:30 Killa Kela – Supergrass
06:30 DJ Food – Dark Lady (Skint mix)
07:15 Overcast (aka Mark N)– Channel X
09:30 The Bug – Fuck Version
10:40 Urban Tribe – e.c.m.
11:10 Moodymann – Mahogany Brown
11:50 A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray (Gerald’s rham on acid remix)
14:00 The Orb – Assassin
15:50 Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Jimmy Edgar remix)
17:30 Kid 606 – Mr Wobble’s Nightmare
19:40 Mark Archer – Riser
21:20 Altern8 – E-Vapor-8
22:55 2BadMice – Bombscare
25:10 Human Resource – Dominator (Jaimie Fanatic remix)
26:27 AC Slater – Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats remix/ Bok Bok edit)
27:20 Wellie (Countryside Alliance Crew)- Wearin’ My Thermals
29:00 Squire of Gothos – Pass Dem Poppaz
30:30 Hardfloor – Acperience 3
31:50 AUX 88 – Alien Life Form
33:10 Appleblim – Vansan
34:07 16 Bit – Ford Fiesta
35:42 Wagon Christ (aka Luke Vibert) – Lovely
37:36 Rat Pack – Captain of the Ship
39:35 Jakes – 3Klane
39:50 Raffertie – Antisocial
40:28 The Doubtful Guest – Slaves
43:08 Ceephax Acid Crew – Thames Disco
44:35 DJ Donna Summer – Rock Rock Rock
46:35 Venetian Snares – Horsey Vag Island
49:50 DJ 3000 – Freedom Train
51:15 Sickboy – Don’t Stop Now
53:12 M-Beat – Incredible ft General Levy
54:09 Equinox – Breakestra Ting
55:24 Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune
57:27 DJ Friction – Shockwave
51:12 Spor – 1up
60:26 0=0 – 88
61:05 Chevron – Aisha Khatoon
62:20 DJ Vibes – Hey Jude
63:36 Murderbot feat. Nick C – Inferno VIP
66:06 Twinhooker – Undertaker
67:22 Carl Brown – Jungle Lord (Amen-talist)
68:04 Drumcorps – Down
69:20 Rotator – Jump Da Fuck Up
70:46 Ebola – Westwood (I should’ve shot you myself)

New design, new pages!

Just finished the new 55th site design, hope you like it. If it looks a bit odd, it could be that you’re using Internet Explorer (*spits*). I highly recommend you get a modern, fast, browser if you are using the crock of shit that is IE.

Rant over.

Another thing we’ve done is added a Research Department to the 55th. This is where we’ll be putting all our little experiments, starting with our MIDI Exercise Bike.

Enjoy, T.

It’s talk like a pirate day! Have some free shantycore :)

Pirate EP CoverThat’s right, it’s September the 19th and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to crack open the rum, get yer beard on and start abusin landlubbers as you talk like a pirate!

We be givin ye a small gift on talk like a pirate day, a bundle of shantycore, follow the link below to download the treasure!

The 55th Flotilla – Pirate EP




£8 in adv, £9 b4 12, £10 after.

16 Bit
Hyperactive Dubstep Terror Squad and creator of the seminal track “Chainsaw Calligraphy” – Bass Music’s men of the moment.

Kanji Kinetic
Bassline Beastie brings his dancefloor devastating wobbles to Brighton.

DJ Scotch Egg
Wrong 8 Bit Pioneer got Game(boy)

DJ Smurf
Geordie Gabba Mafia mainstay hits you with his gabber kicks.

Loops Haunt
Whacked out Scottish Wonky Hip Hop/Glitch/Spaz maestro returns.

Scotchy & Shitty
Wrong Music’s Scotch Egg and Shitmat put their skewed minds together for some nintendo riddled mashup madness.

Scheme Boy
London Hardcore Stalwart keeps it rude!

DJ Planet Mu
Reppin the best label in the business!

The Fez!
Evil genius spits acid breakcore/hardcore/speedcore/wonk/whatever he feels like

Suckafish P Jones
tropical future-primitive chantdowns from across the pacific

Mega Rave for the MEGA RAVE!

Australian Breakcore/Dubstep Bruiser

Tech Diff
The UK Breakcore/Hardcore scene’s best kept secret – there’s nobody better at breaks

Dead Fader
Smite mere mortals with their heavyweight Doomstep.

The 55th Flotilla
Shoreham’s Nautical rave duo bring it with some maritime mashup madness.

Dublin Glitchstep master rolls heavy.

Manus Goan
Irish Bass Beast rams in the Booty, Dubstep, Techno and anything else that’ll fit.

Cork Dubstep monster!

Ruairi Lazers
Canadian Grind/Glitch merchant with live drums/beatboxing/laptop tomfoolery aplenty.

Knack Daddy
Redrum/Wrong Music’s Knacker’s cousin from South Central LA in 1984.

The Sauscerer
Weird pork and beef electronics

DJ Portal
Japanese Grind Freak goes Gabba!


The Chip Shop Boys
Oh my Cod!!!

Fruit of the Loo DJs
DJ Dickfingers and Fruitpolo megamix showcase!

Litmus & Shoreham Electronic Alliance @ Ropetackle in Shoreham

Gig tonight! (Friday 15th of May)

To try and entice more people down the Volks Club tonight I thought I’d post a preview of what you might expect to see…

Come down the Volks tonight, here’s the event listed on

Bangface Mix 2009

Last year we posted a mix of everyone on the lineup of the Bangface Weekender, well we’ve done it again for this year’s lineup.

Yup, we’ve crammed all the artistes into a one hour mix. It took bloody ages to find tracks from everyone, but we think it sounds pretty good, mostly. Some of the mixes are a bit… forced, but let us know what you think.
Download the Bangface Mix ‘ere

Update: I uploaded the wrong version of the mix, it had loads of mistakes in it. I’ve updated it with the second take now, and it’s higher bitrate too!
Track Listing:

  • 00:00 Gescom – ISS SA
  • 00:48 Alec Empire – Electric Bodyrock
  • 01:55 Luke Vibert – Acid2000
  • 03:15 Last Step (aka Aaron Funk aka Venitian Snares) – Showboat
  • 05:15 Renegade Soundwave – Positive Mindscape
  • 06:00 808 State – In Yer Face
  • 07:00 DJ Kentaro – Free
  • 08:15 Toddla T – Sound Tape Killin
  • 09:35 Dexter & Bass-a-rani – Boogie Chasers
  • 10:50 Drexciya – Species of the Pod
  • 12:15 DMX Krew – You’re Not There
  • 13:40 Aleksi Perala – Path
  • 15:10 Kevin Saunderson – Bassline (Koris Voorn Mix 07)
  • 16:35 Rico Tubbs – Gangsters
  • 17:35 Jack Beats vs Dynamite MC – What (Dub)
  • 19:25 Lory D vs Alex Cortex – Pezzo Sclero
  • 20:30 Ceephax Acid Crew – Acid Whorl
  • 21:35 Surgeon – Magneze
  • 22:30 Zomby – Strange Fruit
  • 23:20 Skream – Colourful
  • 25:00 Caspa – Born To Do It
  • 25:55 Wisp – Arc of Lens
  • 27:15 Cardopusher – Homeless (DJ 100mado mix)
  • 28:35 Otto Von Schirach – Trick Snitch (car jacking)
  • 29:35 Rustie – Jagz The Smack
  • 30:45 Altern8 – Underground (8 Till L-8 Mix)
  • 32:30 Ed Real & Ali Wilson – Monkey Tekno
  • 34:25 DJ Luna-C – End of an Era (Part 2)
  • 35:55 KJ Sawka – Airplane Girl
  • 37:00 Remarc – RIP
  • 38:55 Deformer – Ori Ede
  • 40:00 Bizzy B – Sound Test
  • 41:40 Noisia – Block Control
  • 42:55 Dillinja – Nasty Wayz
  • 44:15 Shitmat & MC Devvo – Ellesse Warrior
  • 45:15 Congo Natty – Champion DJ (99 remix)
  • 46:30 Enduser – Switch
  • 48:40 Panacea – The Bear of Berlin
  • 50:30 Current Value – Consciousness
  • 51:15 X&Trick – Graz
  • 52:25 Ebola – Burke and Hare
  • 54:25 The Teknoist – Full Metal Teknoist
  • 55:05 Hellfish – Radical Digital
  • 55:50 Cardopuser Feat. Rotator – Amenijad
  • 57:45 Flying Lotus – GNG BNG
  • 58:45 Bullion– Get Familiar

Acetic Rubbish, ravey live improv

While getting ready for the erisian gig tomorrow I recorded this, it’s not finished but I quite like it… in a very cheesy derivitive kinda way 🙂

From zombie dubstep, to zombie MSN clients…

A little while ago I wrote about an MSN virus/worm/nasty thing which posted me a link to [my MSN username], well it’s still happening! Only this time it’s posting links to various different domains, but it’s the same sort of thing.

Don’t enter your MSN login on these sites!

Some of the one’s I’ve come across recently are, [username], [username], [username], [username], but if any of your contacts start sending you random messages like ‘Hey [username], check out my photos’, then just dissapears offline don’t follow the links!


Gonna eat your brains

A little while back I was watching Planet Terror, an awesome zombie movie by one of my favorite directors – Robert Rodriguez. Near the beginning I noticed a sample which I just had to use for the next Zombierama gig.

I started out writing a pretty cheesy techno tune, which just didn’t work. Then it started going more dubsteppy, which seemed to work a bit better, so I added some more breaks in and voila, ZombieRaveStep!

I call it, Gonna Eat Your Brains. <– click there to download it 🙂

Grab it while it’s hot, pulsating and covered in puss!